It's not often that Minnesota sports teams can boast some of the most talented athletes in their respective sports, but right now the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Timberwolves have some top-tier talent, and it's high time an iconic Minnesota sports photo should be recreated. The photo that needs to be recreated was the 2000 Sport Magazine photo that had Randy Moss in a Timberwolves jersey and Kevin Garnett in a Vikings jersey.


I grew up watching the latter play their respective sports, I watched KG leave and win a championship in Boston, and I watched as Randy Moss left and tore up defenses wearing jerseys that didn't contain the colors purple or gold.

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When this original photo was taken, in the year 2000, times were good in the #BoldNorth for sports fans, we were hopeful of what was to come, if only we could have known what the future of MN sports was going to be like, a frozen tundra of letdowns and inability to finish.

This could be something different with JJ and Ant, not only would it be a breath of nostalgia for both franchises, but hopefully it would energize a Timberwolves fan base that is looking for something, really anything, to cheer about.

With new ownership coming for the Wolves, maybe things will change, but to be honest, it probably won't, but first things first, let's recreate that iconic magazine photo, and go looking for championships later.

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