For someone with a sweet name, Prailine has had a sometimes less-than-sweet story. She has been under Tri-County Humane Society’s care since May and is looking for someone to help her write her next chapter, and shelter staff and volunteers hope it’s a very happy one.

Prailine is a 6-year-old female German shorthaired pointer and originally came to the shelter because she had cancerous masses on her legs. Her previous owners had the masses removed at the vet, but they returned and her previous owners couldn’t afford to continue her care.

When she first got to TCHS, she put her guard up. For a few weeks, Prailine would not let anyone near her. Staff did everything they could do get her to warm up to people, and after lots of Kongs and peanut butter, she finally felt more comfortable. She quickly became a staff favorite becoming quite the cuddle bug!


Prailine was checked by a TCHS veterinarian, and she, along with the TCHS animal care staff, determined Prailine should again have the masses removed. On June 29th, she had surgery. Two weeks later, she went back to foster care.

Unfortunately, a few months later the masses returned. The animal care staff decided that a leg amputation would be Prailine’s best option for a happy, healthy life. On September 21st, her back leg was removed. Prailine was cleared to return to a foster home, and is waiting for someone to fall in love with her the way shelter staff and volunteers have.

Prailine has lost a leg, but none of her spirit has diminished. She’s getting used to running again, which used to be one of her favorite hobbies. She loves belly rubs, is afraid of loud noises, and has been reliable off leash. No one has given her the memo that she is 57 pounds; she’s firmly convinced she’s a lap dog.

Thanks to TCHS staff’s decision to remove her leg, Prailine appears to have achieved her big goal of beating cancer! Scans have shown that the disease has been eliminated from her body. Her next mission: Find a home to call her own.

If you are interested in Prailine, please contact TCHS at 320-252-0896 or She is available for adoption through our Adoption Ambassadors program.

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