We still have a few days left of this bitter cold before we see highs in the 20's and there are certain phrases we have all uttered over the past week or two of this cold snap. Here are a few I have used myself.

"At least it isn't snowing"

"Must've warmed up, I see it's snowing."

"It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the wind."

"Hey look! It's finally above zero!"

"Anyone seen my other mitten?"

"It's colder here than it is in Alaska today!"

Person A: "I better go start my car"
Person B: "Where are you going"
Person A: "No where."

And my personal favorite, a quote from Grumpy Old Men:

Tell ya what's on my mind. It's butt cold out here, and I'm fresh out of beer.

Stay warm!

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