Winter is a BIG part of our yes...we do. We do things you probably may not consider reasonable...Like laying down in the snow with your friends..doing sideways jumping jacks to make beautiful snow angels. Everyone needs a snow angel.

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We spend a lot of money on fast, expensive machines called snowmobiles, with heated hand warmers, so we can speed across the snow and enjoy the winter all around us.


I don't know how it started or why we do it..but it's not a casserole. It's hotdish. Thank you.

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We randomly go outside on cold winter days and start our vehicles to make sure they will start.


Beards are in style...Good thing. Our men like to keep their faces from freezing off.

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Our dogs wear winter coats and cute little boots. They still want to play in the snow when it's 30 below zero.

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Who needs a real ball when we can make one out of snow? Our dogs think it's pretty cool too. (No pun intended).

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