Most people say that once they've been a victim of a home invasion, that they then take actions to protect their homes from future break-ins. Where do you stand on this issue? Do you think that your neighborhood is safe from home crimes? did some research recently and found that 48% of people that have experienced a home invasion, have taken actions to do something to protect their home in the future.  Many of those people felt like Smart Security Products were important to consider (55%), and 61% of people who live in the country started locking their windows and doors at night; not before, but after they experienced a home invasion.

It's human nature. We think this will never happen to us; and when it does,  it not only affects your life, as important things are stolen from your home; it also can cause serious emotional distress. Imagine; that someone actually does come into your home. What are you going to do about it?

There are many things you can do to protect yourself from home invasion, and if you think about the cost in losses and privacy, the cost of implementing these important strategies, it doesn't sound out of reach at all.

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This one doesn't cost you a thing; but it surely could if someone invaded your home. Keep your passwords and important documents or cash somewhere that invaders can find easily. Maybe you have a safe? Maybe you have a secret hiding place? Whatever it is, it's better than leaving that important information out on the kitchen counter.


Have you checked the locks on your doors recently? Are they loose? Make sure they are tightened up...make sure that doors you rarely use are securely locked, and it's not a bad idea to replace old locks, especially if you are living in a home that was lived in previously. You don't want extra keys floating around out there that can give easy access to your home.


This might seem simple and ineffective, but most robbers will think twice about entering your home, if you have a Beware Of Dog sign, or a sign displaying your Home Security company's name.


Sure. You like to let the sunshine in, but being able to peer in to your home at night and see around...possibly that there's been no activity, can give invaders a sneak peak into your daily habits, leaving them to plan for an invasion when they think you won't be home.


If you have a lot of bushes around your house, it might be a good time to trim them back. Your neighbors might be able to spot invaders easier if there are no places to hide around your home.

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