There are two parking lots in the St. Cloud area I do my best to avoid, but still find myself in on a bi-weekly basis. My problem isn't with the structure of the parking lots, for the most part, they are perfectly fine, its the drivers that are in them. And obviously, I like the business that these lots are attached to, otherwise, I wouldn't have such strong feelings from being there so often.

The Savers/Joann Fabric/Harbor Freight Tools Parking Lot:

This one is tricky to navigate due to the multiple entrances and exits. You can get into it from two places on Division street, and get in and out on 33rd Ave. That creates the chaos of drivers coming and going from all directions.

On top of that, there is always someone driving the wrong way down that narrow strip of angled parking spaces by Savers which causes a headache for everyone else. I try to avoid parking in that area, but I also don't want to walk 500 miles across that lot when it is 90 and sunny, or -20 and snowing. It's a conundrum.

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The Cash Wise Foods Parking Lot (Waite Park):

This parking lot feels like the wild west to me. People don't seem to realize there are lanes and lines, and just jet across the lot as they see fit. It is another parking lot with multiple entry points and businesses that are always busy. The parking lot is a lawless land where only the strong survive. We do what we gotta do to get good deals on groceries and gas.

As I wrote above, I still end up at these businesses and in these parking lots quite often, I just hold my breath and hope myself and my car make it out OK. My mantra has always been, "drive like you can't afford an accident".

Do you have a parking lot that you aren't the biggest fan of? Share it with me on our mobile app!

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