We’ve all heard stories like this, someone is a patient in the hospital, or even going for an Emergency Room visit or a Doctors Visit and then a few days you they begin to feel ill with some different symptoms than what they were treated for a few days earlier. Then there’s an infection of some kind that they must begin to fight.  

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Some hospitals in Minnesota have begun using a product to help reduce the odds of this happening. The product is called “Nozin” and is a swab that is applied around the inside of the nose to help reduce the spread of nasal bacteria that is a key contributor to infections. 

Photo Credit: Kim Thomas
Photo Credit: Kim Thomas

There is also a Nasal Sanitizer available as well. Both help reduce the risk of infections without the use of antibiotics. 

“Nozin” is easy to use.  I learned of this product when my wife had a recent short stay in a local hospital for Pneumonia. She said it had a pleasant smell, like oranges or citrus. I was appreciative to learn of this product since my wife has complicated health situations already, and one of the fears we have when she has to be in the hospital is what she will pick up while she’s there.  

The company that makes “Nozin” presents some strong data backing up the claim this product is very effective. They say 98% of Healthcare Organizations are likely to recommend this product to their patients.  

There are some hospitals and healthcare facilities that use the product not just with their patients but with their staff as well. Reducing time off helps prevent being short staffed and of course a healthier staff is most likely to be a happier one as well.  

“Nozin” can be purchased for personal use as well from the company’s website, either for your family or maybe your small business. Like most things in the healthcare world, it’s not cheap, but when you add up the costs of getting sick, and treatment that comes with that, “Nozin” may be a better investment.  

And of course, if you’re hospitalized the cost of “Nozin” will be considerably cheaper.  

If you are interested in trying this product, you may want to contact your doctor, or do a little more research that pertains to your personal situation.  

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