Two of my sons work in the food industry, and I never realized what happens to all of that delicious prepared food that no one buys. Most of the time, it is wasted. Some business owners will let Employees take home the extra food that hasn't been purchased at the end of the day. Some will donate to local charities or donate the food to locations that can help feed the homeless. Still it's really unfortunate to think about how our society is just wasting this prepared food.

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I recently discovered that there is an APP in test markets right now, that could change the world of food.  It's called the "Too Good To Go" App.

This is just in test markets now, but if we showed an interest in might reach us sooner. My understanding is that you download the Too Good To Go App. You then search for food that's available in your area, and select the food you want from the location providing it. Then it's a matter of paying for your food and picking it up. It sound so simple. I think with all the people that need food, and the businesses that provide food to central Minnesota, this would be a great app for us to have.


Their website gives examples of business that may want to participate to regain some of the income lost on unsold items. For example, bakeries may want to add bread or baked goods before they expire.  Grocery stores may want to go through the fresh produce, or deli areas to add items before their expiration date.  Restaurants may have meals prepared at the end of the night that aren't going to be served, and they could use the Too Good To Go program to avoid wasting those meals.


I think we could all use a little financial break right now, and this kind of service would really come in handy here in our area.  Download the app, tell your friends to do the same, and lets see if we can get this going right here at home.


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