Before everyone comes after me wanting my head on a stick, hear me out. I'm the biggest State Fair fan girl out there. I never miss a year, I try all the new foods, I look at the 4-H exhibits, I don't complain when I have to walk a mile just to get to the gate from the parking lot. I love the state fair.

That being said, I'm 99% convinced the Great Minnesota Get-Together will not be happening in 2020.

The Minnesota State Fair drew in 2.1 million visitors over 12 days last year. Talk about a sea of humanity, and that is exactly what makes the event one of the best in the country.

Unfortunately the world we live in right now is not conducive to thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder in the hot August sun. There are stickers on the floor of Target telling people where to stand until they are called to a cash register. Crowding each other to see baby pigs being born isn't going to fly in 2020.

Do you think the carnies are going to be wiping down the Tilt-a-Whirl seats with Clorox wipes after every spin? Or that the Pronto Pup stand will be wiping down the pumps of the ketchup and mustard after every squirt? Will volunteer DNR officers be standing next to the fish pond telling people to move further apart? Everything I have learned hanging out at the fair points to no.

The State Fair even made the announcement themselves, the fair happens as planned or not at all.

A six-foot social distance radius is next to impossible in a place like the Minnesota State Fair. As much as I love it, and as painful it is to type this, I do not think it will be happening this year. I would love to be proven wrong and be eating these words in a few months (preferably in the form of deep-fried and on a stick).

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