Over the weekend the entire world breathed a sigh of relief - as after months of waiting, April the giraffe gave birth at Animal Adventure Park.

It is truly amazing how many people were glued to their computer/phone screens waiting for the day that April, a 15 year old giraffe at Animal Adventure Park would give birth to her fourth calf. And this past Saturday (April 15th, 2017) the moment finally happened when April gave birth to her new bull calf.


So here are the stats - Yesterday, the bull calf weighed in at 129 pounds and is standing at 5'9". He is nursing just fine and April is in good condition! Make sure you keep up to date on their Facebook page and website.

And of course, you can hand in your own submission for what the male giraffe should be named! Check it out here on Animal Adventure Park's poll.

Here is the live video of April and her newborn:

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