Yes...It was a tough game yesterday. What happened? We'll never really know. Was it home field advantage? Jet Lag? Maybe a little bit of both? Either way, Vikings fans, the true fans, can cope. Here's a list of coping strategies.

Look forward to next year; we do have a great team right now! Maybe 2019 is our year!

  1. Be optimistic. The Vikings gave you a great season; well worth watching; One game away from the big game. That's something to be proud of.
  2. Look Ahead: forward to being host state to the Super Bowl. Pick your favorite team and enjoy the pre game festivities.
  3. Let it go: It's a game. It's for fun. Togetherness. Let's keep it together.
  4. Remember: Remember the last game? That was an incredible win. Relish that game moment.
  5. Remember the odds: of winning the whole season? Only one team can win each year.
  6. Bake: My answer for everything. Bake something.
  7. Drink Beer. Just not TOO much. It's a sport. It's entertainment. It's great when they win, but losses happen.
  8. Be Thankful: It could be worse. We could be the worst team; but we're not.
  9. Be a fan: Win or lose; stick with your team. Be a good sport.
  10. Put up your Vikings apparel til next year, and move forward.

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