Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Website has compiled a list of the "ugliest" buildings in every state.

Taking the title in Minnesota is the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis:

What is it with art museums being some of the ugliest buildings in existence? Considering what they house, you’d think they would go for, oh, I don’t know, a beautiful look. This aluminum foil monstrosity looks like something a five-year-old would design.

Aluminum foil monstrosity. I've never heard it described that way before. I couldn't find any sort of criteria that they were basing the ugliest buildings on, so I can only assume it is the author's opinion.

The museum is a staple on the University of Minnesota campus, and calling it ugly seems out of place considering the man who designed it. Internationally acclaimed architect Frank O. Gehry designed the museum’s shiny exterior along the Mississippi River. It is a major landmark for not only the university but also the Twin Cities as a whole:

The museum presents and interprets works of art, offering exhibitions that place art within relevant cultural, social and historical contexts. Several major exhibitions are offered each year, as well as organized letters, symposia, tours and special events focused upon educational themes.

I used to work over in the area where this building is, and I actually really like it. It's different, stands out, and if you walk by it on a sunny day you could end up with a sort of second-hand sunburn. It's quirky, and there's nothing wrong with being a little different.

Check out more on the museum here. 

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