The Granite City On Tap Beer Festival is coming up on Saturday, September 13th and I've been digging around to see what kinds of beer are going to be there.  There's several I would like to try but I've got some that are a definite.

Granite City On Tap will feature over 100 craft beers for you to sample for just $30 in advance or $40 at the door.  It's simple math as far as what a deal this is -- you can do all this for under $50 or go out and spend hundreds trying to get a taste of all these different beers.  So maybe the actual math isn't so simple but you get my drift.

Here are five breweries I'm looking forward to sampling beer from at Granite City On Tap:

    • Atwater Brewery -- Located in Detroit, Michigan, the lagers are produced with equipment and hops straight from Germany.  I also dig their slogan 'We drink all we can and sell the rest.'  Sounds like a great place to work!


    • Great Lakes Brewing Company -- This sounds so Minnesota but actually comes from Ohio.  One of the beers I hope they bring along is the Eliot Ness because it sounds cool and I love watching mafia movies.


    • Sierra Nevada Brewing Company -- Honestly, this one just sounds cool.  According to their website, the brewers were inspired by the Sierra Nevada Mountains and they wanted their beer to be bold and wild.  Hopefully, that's what happens when I drink it!


    • Grand Teton Brewing Company -- This is another one that just sounds really cool.  Apparently they've been brewing beer at the base of the Teton Mountains for years and some of their beer names are pretty awesome.  I'm totally digging the Howling Wolf andOld Faithful Ale.


    • Veteran Beer Company -- This one appeals to me because there is definite patriotism in drinking good beer.  Not only that, it's pretty darn amazing that this brewery was started by disabled veterans to help other veterans get back to work. Proceeds from their sales go to organizations that help veterans with their needs. I'm looking forward to giving the Blonde Bombshell a try!


You can check out a full list of the brewers here.  Hopefully, we'll see you out at the Benton County Fairgrounds for Granite City On Tap!