County Fair season is here! Carnival rides, food stands, games, giant stuffed animals, truck and tractor pulls, and the Grandstand Grandaddy itself: Demolition Derby's. Here are the top five reasons to attend one this year!

1. It's a car wreck you're not involved in

Everybody gawks at car wrecks on the road. This is a non stop car wreck to gawk at.

2. People watching

Demo Derby's bring out everyone's inner redneck. Mullets, cutoffs, Mountain Dew bottles in back pockets. Let your redneck shine!


3. Fair food

Demolition Derby's and County Fairs go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can't have one without the other. And if you do it just doesn't feel right. Corn dogs and cheese curds all around!

4. Satisfying metal crunching sounds

You think crushing a can is satisfying? Try seeing a whole side of a vehicle mash up like a ball of tin foil.

5. Betting with your friends which car will win.

"Pick your car like you pick your nose!" is the saying in my group. We usually don't actually bet but it's fun to make your pick and cheer for them.

BONUS: Hot firemen spraying down the pit with water.

As if you needed another reason to attend.

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