The NHL-ACI (Adult Cost Index) is used to measure the average cost for an adult to attend an NHL game; including 1 average ticket, 1 small beer, 1 soda, 1 hotdog, and half the average cost of parking (although I'll trade my small beer & soda in for a large beer baby). Or two.

The priciest set-up, according to Business Insider, is north of the border in Toronto where it will cost the average Canadian citizen (or closet Leafs fan driving over from Detroit) a whopping $137 per game. On the cheap end of the spectrum, the Dallas Stars fans (who stole my team), get off with a slim $61 a game per person.

The average price for one person to attend an NHL game is $88, with the Minnesota Wild coming in at $91 bucks per skate.

Rounding out the top-5 most expensive, Boston, NY-R, Vancouver, and Chicago. In addition to Dallas, the four teams you can follow on the cheap are Florida, Tampa, Columbus, and Colorado.

Stars...(I'm still pissed). Go Wild!