Will you be grabbing a few Powerball lottery tickets today? The Powerball Jackpot is now the 5th largest jackpot that the lottery has ever had, and if someone happens to win the Powerball jackpot this evening, it could be the 2nd largest Jackpot in history, as they will be $825 million dollars richer, or if you decide to take the cash option, you would take home approximately $410 million dollars. Sales of tickets are still happening, so those numbers will definitely go up by the time the drawing happens this evening. There are nine different ways to win, and I don't understand them all. However, should you decide to play you may want to read the rules, so you know what you're doing. Tickets must be purchased by 9 pm on drawing dates to be entered into the drawing.

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It's hard for me to imagine what winning a million dollars would feel like. They say that you have to be able to imagine yourself winning before you will ever bring luck to yourself. So maybe I should start small. I think I could picture winning $100,000. I can easily see what I could do with that. I could pay off all my debts, minus my house, and put some money in my savings, or in a retirement plan.


I can even imagine winning $500,000. I could pay off my house, and all my debt, plus put some money back in savings or retirement, and maybe make some contributions to my children or family members.


A really important message here is that you should remember...dreaming big is fun...and it only costs $2 to play. Drew SVitko, Powerball Product Group Chair says, " Powerball has a lot of people dreaming big, but we like to remind players, that Powerball is supposed to be a fun game. Play responsibly and within your limits. It only takes one $2.00 ticket to win."


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