Ah, popcorn: the relatively healthy snack that we can ruin (health-wise) with delicious toppings. It's hard to deny the classic butter-and-salt combo that we got at the movie theater growing up, but even the movie theaters have been offering more flavors to level up your popcorn...which is nice, since the cost of snacks at the movie theater is approaching the cost of rent.

My personal go-to popcorn addition is copious - some would say, "gross" - amounts of black pepper and garlic salt/powder. But what other flavors are out there to try?

National Popcorn Day is January 19th

The Friday Question of the Century on the Loon Morning Show: what's your favorite popcorn topping? Some stuck with tradition, others offered new twists, and a few went weird.

To the answers!

The Traditionalists

Sue is all about the butter and salt, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Susan agrees and declared that, "Popcorn is a butter delivery system"

Mark is old school, loving his popcorn with movie theater butter (which technically isn't actually butter anymore, but the flavor is what counts)

Kim wants butter. Approximately (or precisely) one pound of butter. Would you like some popcorn with your butter?

Jana likes her homemade caramel on popcorn

Cindy like the sweet-and-saltiness of kettle corn

Mark does the kettle corn himself: "Buttered lightly and then shaken in a paper sack with about 2 heaping tablespoons of powdered sugar"

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A Little Different But I'm Going to Try It

Brenda (via The Loon App) loves parmesan cheese and coconut oil.

Dah Beer Drinkahh (also via The Loon App) is re-purposeful: "I like to steal the spice from the Cajun ramen noodles for my popcorn"

Jeffrey tops his popcorn with cheddar cheese salt

Tana has a great idea: "Popped in bacon grease/butter and topped with nacho cheese seasoning"

Shelly is very color-specific: "Cook it stovetop in that orange popcorn oil and then use the yellow popcorn salt in the little jar from Runnings. Clearly the color makes the flavor…"

Debbie is spicy: "Grace hot pepper sauce and Parmesan"

Rhonda starts with tradition and then adds a twist: "Butter, ranch popcorn salt or dill pickle popper salt"


Kim threw us for a loop: "Brewers Yeast". I did a quick search and found that brewers years has a bitter flavor, but some alleged health benefits. I'm not sure if I'd try that on a full batch of popcorn, but my interest is still piqued. What other flavors should I try on my popcorn?

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