As I have three boys, all college age, I often wonder the same things that they do. Is  it better to just get out in the workforce these days than to worry about getting a college degree? What if I don't know what I want to do? Should I just pick anything, and go with it? What if I don't like it once I'm in the program?

There are so many questions...and so many myths.


1. Everyone but me is CERTAIN of their Major.

2. It's better to declare ANY Major than be undecided

3.  I should decide my Major as soon as possible.

4. Once I declare a Major, I'm STUCK with it.

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1. You are NOT alone. It's a big decision deciding what you want to spend your life doing. Of course, getting a degree is only going to give you MORE knowledge...which means you'll have MORE opportunities to do a variety of things with your extended education.

3.  Feeling the pressure of deciding on your Major can be overwhelming; but there is NOTHING wrong with getting out in the work force, and getting some experience in customer service, maybe getting into the swing of going to work every day at certain hours; finding out what you really DON'T want to do can be very important in helping you figure out what you DO want to do.

4.  Once you declare a Major; there's no rule book that says you can't change your Major! You can! Maybe complete your two year degree. and then move on to something else. Or; maybe take a few classes in the career you THINK you want; find out right away if it's a great fit or a No Go!

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