Do guys really hate love stories? The only time I can cry is when I'm watching a movie. I've compiled a list of movies that I would like to see; either again or some for the first time. I have to be in the mood though! I can't sit around and cry all day.


50 First Dates: This silly but romantic comedy features Drew  Barrymore and Adam Sandler, and I've always love that combination. It's fun and easy to watch. Not TOO deep but...It could happen!


Dirty Dancing: It seems kind of corny; but there's just something about the chemistry between Johnny and Baby.

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Love Actually: I don't think I've seen this movie, but from what I've heard it covers love from all aspects; from young love to marriage and everything in between.


The Fault In Our Stars: This is a heart breaker but beautiful story. Get ready for some tissues.

Twilight:  Okay..I could never fall in love with a cold skinned vampire with scary white death skin; but apparently lots of other people can. True love is when you promise you won't bite someone's neck and kill them because you truly love them.   (What?!)


Pride & Prejudice: Another movie I haven't seen, but I've heard is one of those love stories of two people so completely opposite that you don't know if they are going to throw punches or start kissing in the rain.

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