So you walk into your favorite liquor store. You ask for your favorite beer. The Manager reluctantly tells you, "We're out." You can't believe it. You always get your beer...at THIS store...they always have it...They really must be dropping the ball..right?

Wrong. There really is a beer shortage...and if you think YOU'RE frustrated, just think how the people that make a living providing you with your favorite beers feel right now.

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Lots of things are contributing to the issues our beer industry is having. With people staying home, the increase of people wanting to drink their beer at home, the increase and need for aluminum cans is a big problem. Since bars closed, of course taproom and bottle beer sales slowed incredibly...and now those brands that you always expect will be there for you..are having difficulty filling orders. Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Modelo, Blue Moon and Bud lite; specifically. They can't get the cans! There is a worlwide market trying to get cans not just for beer, but for sodas, and other canned beverages that you always thought you'd have at a moments notice.

My boyfriend Darin Dorholt, works in the industry; ordering beer for the company he works for, Westside Liquor of Waite Park. He says this is the first time in his career that he's had these ordering issues. Everyone who is working with this is learning on the fly.  Every week he places orders; and he, along with every other store worldwide, never really know what will be delivered when they place their orders.

I can imagine it makes keeping up with inventory and with the demands of the public incredibly difficult.


What if you can't get your favorite beer? What IF you try five stores and none of them have it? Here's what you can do.

  • Try a different brand, or a different style of your favorite brand.
  • Don't hoard supplies. You know you're not the only one who wants their beer. Don't be a hoarder. Get what you need.
  • Don't take out your frustration on the essential workers that are at your local liquor store. They are doing their best to give you products that you want.
  • Support your favorite liquor store. If your favorite store has always been there for you when you needed them, don't let them down now. They need you more than ever.


This is one industry that has definitely been overlooked in the essential scene. Your local liquor stores have been open throughout this pandemic...fighting the fight...essential workers that are there doing their best so that you can find some relief through difficult times.


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