The Grammys.  I get that this is more of a "POP"'  thing than a country thing.  But honestly...it's clear to me, that country music is 'the pimple on the chin of the Grammys."


I'm almost embarrassed for them, as much as I am for us. I have a good sense of what makes  a great country song. I guess there is the possibility that country artists did not submit their recordings. I mean; if I was a member of the Grammys and recorded an album this year, I could apply for a Grammy. Maybe I'll do this for 2021. I'll write, record, and submit my album at the end of this year, and see where I am.  Maybe we'll all be reflecting on this as I celebrate my Grammy in 2021.


That being said,  there were nominations that I believe, if the voters LISTENED to the nominations, we would have clearly had different winners.

Those that voted, clearly have NO idea what's happening in country music right now. The recordings that meticulously been laid perfectly by amazing musicians; the writers; the vocalists. Relevance? What Happened?

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I understand that the Grammy's are not a popularity contest. Regardless; the people voting are NOT listening to country music. They just aren't. They are so far behind they can't get caught up. I'd rather see them just move country music out of the Grammys if they are not going to give kudos to those that are trulyl deserving of this award.

Who doesn't love and cherish the music of Willie Nelson and Tanya Tucker? I can say that the country music community would never diss these people who have been so important throughout the years in the country music field.

But I think that if you asked THEM, even they would be shocked that they received these awards. There is so much magic happening out there, that if they TRULY listened, this would NOT have been the final votes.

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