Complain about the stoplights in St. Cloud all you want. I'll sit at every red light on Division if people in this area would just use their dang blinkers.

We seem to have a signaling problem in the St. Cloud area, (and it might be everywhere, this is just where I drive every day) and in the midst of my rage I had a thought. How much would a ticket cost if you failed to signal and got caught?

It has to happen way more often than I see. I can be on my super short commute to work and always see at least one vehicle not signaling for their turn or lane change.

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I did some light Google searching and came across a Minnesota court document for the average cost of various tickets for traffic violations. The average fine amount for failing to yield or failing to signal a turn is $50, plus add an $85.00 surcharge once per ticket for violations. Imagine how much money the city of St. Cloud could be making from failed signaling.

Obviously just knowing the cost of this ticket isn't going to solve the epidemic we have in Central Minnesota. But maybe just one non-blinker person will see this and think twice about signaling the next time they switch lanes. Or at least we can all hope.

While we are on the topic, here are the top 10 reasons people don't use their blinker in St. Cloud. Let's all let out a collective groan together.

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