County Fair Season is here. This week we are celebrating both in Stearns and Benton County. That's a lot of corn dogs. Here are the rough calorie counts of some of your favorite fair delicacies.

Corn Dogs - About 250 calories.

Pronto Pup - About 332 calories due to the sweeter batter.

Giant Turkey Legs - These meaty giants can be anywhere around 1,136 calories, but they also pack 152 grams of protein!

Funnel Cakes -  They start around 452 calories, but can be more depending on the added toppings.


Fried Pickles - One serving is about 50 small pickle chips and is about 300 or so calories. If you're willing to share that number gets cut in half!

Fried Oreos - Original Oreos have 53 calories a cookie, frying them bumps it up to 98 calories a cookie.

French Fries - These delicious potato sticks start anywhere around 230 calories but of course that number is different based on dipping sauces, toppings, and even the type of fry.

MIni Donuts - 52 calories per donut, so a bag of 12 would be about 630 calories.

Cheese Curds - Generic deep-fried cheese curds are about 596 calories for 3 oz of curds.

Fair season is a time to enjoy and indulge a little. Live your life, have those treats. Everything in moderation is my motto, and you can only get some of these foods a couple of times a year so you might as well take advantage!


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