This has to be right out of a Taylor Swift song, either that or this is one she needs to write.  We've all had that person that has done something so terrible that we've stooped to their level just to get revenge.  Before I continue this story, I want to let you know that no cat's hair was shaved throughout the course of this drama.

So, a few years ago one of my dearest friends was crushing on this guy she had gone to school with.  For purposes of this story their names have been changed, we'll call them Jane and Joe.  Jane was close friends with John -- she had also gone to school with him -- and his wife, Jessica.

When John and Jessica got married, Jane and Joe hung out at the wedding and Jane thought he really liked her.  A few months after the wedding Jane found out he had a girlfriend, Jodi -- keep in mind they had talked and gotten together a few times.  She got over it, moved on and forgot about Joe.

Fast forward a few years.  Jane and Jessica are still good friends and Jessica is pregnant.  She calls Jane while she's out of town and tells her that her and Joe's girlfriend have gotten in to this huge fight and they can't stand one another.  So, Jane gets her phone number.

Let the games begin! Jane fills this girl in on a few things about her boyfriend.  Joe and Jodi have a knock down, drag out fight.  The way the story goes, she threatens to leave but in order to keep her happy, Joe buys her a gift.  Actually, a pair of hairless cats that apparently cost about  $1,000 a piece.  Oh and by the way, she dumped him a few months later.