Last week I told you how Dierks Bentley was pranked by his opening act Miss Willie Brown when they shrink wrapped his beloved jeep.

Dierks got revenge by filling their bus with beer! Dierks tweets "so we stuffed 480 beers into every spot, zipper, and as seen here, toilet on @misswilliebrown bus. prank or gift?!"

I have been around artist buses and most of the time these guys run onto the bus and head for the toilet because they have to go... now imagine having to go really bad, opening the lid and finding this! That puts a damper on anyone's day - I would have to say good prank.

On the flip side, having over 400 beers spread out through the bus wouldn't be a bad thing - Miss Willie Brown won't have to stop the bus to restock anytime soon!

Dierks, you better watch your back - Miss Willie Brown is out to get you now!