Invisible Driver Prank is Awesome! [VIDEO]
I'm pretty sure I could spend all day on YouTube watching pranks...wait a minute, that's exactly what I do. But the best part is when I find one that is worthy enough to share it with you. Trust me, I have watched a lot of these so I only bring you the best of the best, and this one is ran…
Improv Everywhere Pranks Black Friday [VIDEO]
Improv Everywhere is a group that does all types of pranks and posts the videos to the internet. They have done everything from pranking people at the beach to setting off car alarms in a symphony. This time, they attack Black Friday!
Best Elevator Prank Ever! [VIDEO]
Elevators can be awkward right? Getting into a tiny space with total strangers, even for a short amount of time, is never pleasant, it's just weird. But this specific talking elevator takes the awkwardness to another level by making it down-right embarrassing.

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