I am not one to state the obvious, but winter is once again around the corner.  I don't know about you, but I would like to escape the cold and gloom  for a while.  It seems like once we get in to winter, it takes us forever to get back to warm, sunny days. With that being said,  I have ten reasons why we, as Central Minnesotans, should escape to Mexico in February.

Some of these might seem silly but if you think about them, you'll realize I do have a valid point.

  • Do not be deceived -- all that white stuff outside is not warm sand, it's cold, wet snow
  • Don't kid yourself, you and your Corona will freeze lounging on your back porch
  • If you try to dive head first in to the lake there will be no warm splashing, but more of a cold cracking
  • Face it, your boyfriend is not a cabana boy whose only job is to bring you an endless supply of fruity drinks.
  • Ice fishing or snorkeling -- you choose
  • Forget Taco Bell, go for authentic Mexican cuisine
  • You aren't going to get a tan by lying on a beach towel in your living room and shining a bright light on yourself
  • Let's be honest, trying to sport flip flops in the middle of February in Minnesota gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'cold feet'
  • Because EVERYTHING that happens in Mexico stays in Mexico!
  • Boots in the Sand Country Music Getaway

Bet you're planning your trip already!