Some of these really surprised me!

It never ceases to amaze me just how much cool history we have here in Minnesota.  I mean Minnesota is the birthplace to many inventions like the Post-It Note and water skis. We're also home to the very first mall in the country.

There's so much more to Minnesota's story.  According to an article from Only in Your State St. Paul wasn't always called St. Paul, we have an official state muffin and the first intercollegiate basketball came was played here.  Seriously, who knew?

Here's the deal -- St. Paul was originally called Pigs Eye because one of the first settlers in the area was nicknamed that.  Our state muffin is blueberry and it was made official in 1988.

You can also find the story of how the Boundary Waters Canoe area came to be, which Minnesota State Park is the second oldest in the country, the meaning of Minnesota's name and more.  Check out the full article here.

The one fact that surprised me the most was what St. Paul used to be called.  I mean, who would name a town 'Pigs Eye?'  Can you imagine telling someone 'oh hey, I'm from Pigs Eye.'  It just doesn't sound right, although it would make for a great bar name.  Thank goodness they change it!

Which surprised you the most?


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