A virtual free, fun class is going to be taking place this Saturday, February 20th for girls ages 11-18.

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Tech For Girls Club: Code A Ping Pong Game, will take place virtually from 10 to 11am.

At this free webinar, Participants will be using SCRATCH software to code their own ping pong game.

They will learn how to:

  • Code sounds
  • Code movement
  • Code point scoring and more

No coding experience is required to participate in this webinar.

ZOOM access links will be emailed to everyone who signs up for the webinar.

The webinar is being put on by the Pacer Center (Champions for Children with Disabilities).

Parents can fill out the form for the student or students.

Pacer Center has other virtual online classes coming up as well including the following:

  • Housing: Starting the Journey: A class to help your child learn to live on their own
  • Google Chrome for Students: Part 1: Tools to support reading
  • Transition to Kindergarten: A Big Step for You and Your Child
  • Tech For Teens Club: 3D Printing online


Pacer is an organization that exists to help families with members with disabilities make decisions about their education, through assistance in workshops and publications.

Pacers National Bullying Prevention center also provides resources for individuals with disabilities and others regarding bullying and bullying prevention.

If you would like more information about the events and webinars for those with disabilities that will be taking place in the next few months, you can click HERE to learn more about Pacer, and what they do.

If you know of webinar classes in our area that can benefit kids with disabilities, please send us information about those events. You can send your information to Kelly@minnesotasnewcountry.com.


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