Tri-County Humane Society held one of its biggest fundraisers of the year about a week ago, and so far, over $40,000 has been raised because of the event,  to help support animals here in central Minnesota.

Pledges are still trickling in so that number continues to go up. It was Vicki Davis' last Companion Animal Walk as Executive Director, and she said with no injuries and no rain, this year's Furrasic Park Companion Animal Walk was 'a good wrap' for her.

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Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes


My Co-Host Paul took part in the Companion Animal Walk in Wilson Park as well. He said there were lots of people and animals dressed up for the costume contests. Vicki Davis said in a recent interview with Paul Shea, that there were approximately 100 people and 66 dogs that went on the uphill walk, and at least 25 dogs and another 45 people that decided to stay down at the park in their support instead of making the trek.

You can listen to the interview with Vicki Davis by clicking on the player button below.


We asked Vicki where the money raised from the Companion Animal Walk goes and she said that the money raised for this campaign will go to the general operations of TCHS; There are a lot of bills that come into play when you have a building of that size, like the water bill for example. The humane society is proud that they take the time to fix the problems that animals are coming into the shelter with, so they do not have to be euthanized.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes


What's next for TCHS? Something fun will be planned for Halloween on a bit smaller scale, and then TCHS will be gearing up for Santa Paws which is gearing up for the middle of November. Santa Paws is when you can schedule your holiday photos at TCHS with your pet, or one of their pets, and Santa!

Vicki Davis's official last day will be February 3rd, 2024 but she plans on coming back in some capacity next year for the walk.


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