ST. CLOUD -- They say parents will do anything for their kids, and this weekend was my moment.

Our 4th of July holiday was pretty normal -- food, family, fun -- but then throw in an unexpected visit to the ER.

While in the middle of my intense bean bag matchup just outside my friends house, my 7-year-old son starts banging on the window screaming for help.

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My wife and I run inside where he tells us our 2-year-old daughter had swallowed a bead (a round Chinese checker piece for clarification).

Now no one wasn't 100% sure if she actually swallowed it or spit it out, however she sure was proud to tell us it was in her tummy and that she "ate a bead" all with a smile on her face.

You hear about these types of stories all the time, but for me this was a new experience.

After getting a clean bill of health (or as much as you can get by swallowing something other than food) we were told to go home and wait for things to happen -- if you know what I mean...

For the next few days I feel like I'm on my own Lord of the Rings quest as I search for "my precious" every time my daughter needs a diaper change. Needless to say the search is ongoing.

So what have I learned from all this you ask? It only take a moment from things to go from fun to frightening with young kids.

But as I said before, I would do anything for my kids -- even if that means searching knuckle deep through multiple days of poopy diapers.

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