Have you ever opened your email and thought to yourself, “Wow! I have a lot of friends!" or is more like, "Is there anything worth keeping in here?” “Do any of these emails come from people I know?”

Sometimes, I'm afraid to throw something away in my Inbox, because I think that I might need that information later. But lately, it seems like my mailbox has been overflowing with things that don't matter to me at all. In fact, I feel like I waste a ton of time every single day trying to go through junk emails, just to find something that is really from someone I know, or something I care about. How did my mailbox get in this shape, and what can I do to fix it?

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Today was a quiet day, mostly because it was a weekend. However, I still ended up with 36 email messages from 12:05 am until 11:15 pm. Out of those 36 messages, here's how they broke down:

  • Six of the messages were actually important to me. They were either receipts, things I have recently inquired about, or from someone I know.
  • Four of the messages were from news sources, as I try to stay up to date with the latest news.
  • 20 of the messages were junk mail.


To sift through 36 messages to find the six that were important to me, left me wondering; even if I wanted to catch up on the news stories in my email, will I? Probably not. I feel like I'm spending all my time sifting through junk mail, and by the time I'm done, I don't feel like reading any of the stories I subscribed to.

I went on a search to find a way to clean out my Inbox quickly, rather than having to unsubscribe one by one for the hundreds of emails I receive every day, and there were several Apps that will work to get my Inbox and yours, back in order.

Finding the App that will work best for me, could be different than the one you might choose. Here are some of the Apps I thought would be worth checking in to.


This App is all about getting rid of emails that you no longer need. If they aren't relevant to you currently, will help you delete them quickly. has tools to help you group emails, label them, and archive if you want to review them later, or store them forever.


This App helps you connect your various email accounts and delete messages from all of them in just a few clicks. You can filter messages based on many factors, like sender, date sent, size, and more. MAILSTROM will also help you unsubscribe from the sales lists you somehow ended upon. Nice.


I've tried this App before. With, you link your email address and get an almost immediate breakdown of all the subscriptions you currently have, and it will help you unsubscribe from anything you want out of. It is also a free service.


My question to you. Does your email look like mine? Have you found an easy way to empty your mailbox, or do you feel like you live in email hoarder heaven? Let me know your fix. I'd love to research your ideas. Send them to Thanks. :-)


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