Oprah Gets an Acting Gig
This isn't the first time Oprah has graced the silver screen, but it has been 14 years since her last movie role. Now she has been offered the chance to brush off the cob webs and join the cast of the upcoming move 'The Butler'.
On the Hunt for a Home? You Could Buy Oprah’s
All you need to do is be willing to move to New York City's midtown neighborhood, and be able to afford the listing price of $7.9 million. That's no problem, where do I sign?.... Settle down, I'm kidding, I could never move to New York, I would miss you too much.
Oprah And The Yelling Goat [VIDEO]
Oprah is very talented, but so is the guy who put this video together.  Well the video is not perfect, but made me laugh and gets really good about 44 secs in.
Shania Twain Book Hits Stores Today
Shania Twain's autobiography hits book store shelves and digital reader downloads today. It is the tell all book from childhood through her recent divorce. Plus, Shania has a new show launching on the Oprah Winfrey Network.