All you need to do is be willing to move to New York City's midtown neighborhood, and be able to afford the listing price of $7.9 million. That's no problem, where do I sign?.... Settle down, I'm kidding, I could never move to New York, I would miss you too much.

Oprah's New York City penthouse sits on the 36th floor, its 2,350 square feet include floor to ceiling windows, 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. But of course that's not all $7.9 million buys - you will also get a high-end kitchen, a "triangle-shaped" living room, and a dining room. The master suite is fit for a queen with an attached master bathroom where you will find a high-tech shower and jetted tub. Now for the best part, this is what sold me - the master bedroom has THREE walk-in closets! That is brilliant, one closet for shoes, one for clothes, and one for accessories. Hmm, maybe I could move to New York.

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