Cat Burgler Gets Loot Stolen [VIDEO]
I find karma to be quite funny - as long as it isn't happening to me. I talk a lot about criminals that get immediate justice and how much that just makes me chuckle. It can even happen in the animal world.
When You Need to Scratch, Anything Will Work [VIDEO]
Have you ever had an itch you couldn't reach? This happens to me all time and I have to find a door jam, a friend's fingers or a stick to reach that spot in the center of my back. This kitty found the first thing that he could get his fur wrapped around to satisfy that darned itch!
The Tri-County Humane Society Has a Cat for You
The Tri-County Humane Society has never before offered cats for free but with so many cats in need of a good home, cats 2 years and older are free right now for senior citizens, members of the military, veterans and their spouses. For everyone else, one adult cat (6 months and older) can be adopted …

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