Our (or at least my) favorite American-Mexican-American fast food place (TACO BELL) is adding french fries to their menu!

Officially called "Nacho Fries," we won't even have to wait long to gorge on try them: the release date is set for January 25th.

It's a pretty simple concept: french fries coated in "Mexican seasoning" and served with nacho cheese for dipping. The best part? They'll only cost a dollar!

The 'Bell says that Nacho Fries will be available "for a limited time," but I believe in 'Merica. I believe that we'll make this a hit, and T.Bell will keep them!

Might as well hand in my arteries now, since they'll be wrecked before the end of the year.

Read even MORE about it on Taco Bell's website

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