They've made tweaks to the burgers here in Minnesota and beyond.  Have you noticed?

They've spent a very long time at the top of the fast-food chain and they're still showing bigger growth than some of their rivals. But they're working to improve their burgers, partially due to having more competition.  Smashburger, In-N-Out and Five Guys, just to mention a few.

So in an effort to improve upon their product in an ever-crowded hamburger market, McDonalds has spent the past 7 years working on how to make their biggest burger better as well as others on the menu.

McDonald's for the past 7 years has quietly worked to overhaul its signature item. Now it's game time. We go behind the scenes with the chefs leading the overhaul. There's 50 tweaks, from how the seeds are scattered on Big Macs to when the onions are added to the patties, at play. Will customers notice? They seem to in Australia, now it's the U.S.'s turn.
They've reportedly made a staggering 50 tweaks to the burgers and have already rolled it out in Australia.  They say the changes in the U.S. are rolling out now.
Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images
One thing that I guess you'd call a "major" change is the bun.  It will be a brioche bun now, which is said to hold heat better.  They're cooking less burgers at once and adding more special sauce. Room temperature cheese is said to make it more melt-y...if that's a word?
Are you like me and now wondering if the price will go up?  According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonalds has said it didn't expect it to cause a price increase.  But that individual franchisees set their own prices.

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