When you see Spoonbridge & Cherry in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden any other time of year, it is really just a fun, whimsical piece of artwork that makes you smile. It sits over a little pond, and although it's called Spoonbridge, it's not a bridge you can walk on. This sculpture was created from 1985 to 1988 from aluminum and stainless steel by artist Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen. The cherry on top is actually a fountain!

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Spoon and Cherry in the Snow


When I saw Mike Andersons photos, I thought to myself, "Wow! Now THAT VIEWPOINT is extra special!"

It looks as if the SpoonBridge & Cherry is a spoonful of sugar with a cherry on top. Sugar falling all around instead of snow; and honestly, I need to think more about the sweet taste of summer on the horizon, rather than having anymore actual snow this year. It's just an absolutely beautiful view, and Mike captured it.


Spoon and Cherry in the Snow

I asked Mike what was happening when he captured these photos. This was his response:

"This was a snowy day in late November last year. I’ve visited the sculpture garden on several occasions for various photography projects over the years but never in these conditions. I actually had a plan to capture this shot weeks before the shoot occurred; what I was going for was to capture the stark contrast between the red cherry against a snowy white backdrop. The falling snow and accumulation that stuck to the top of the cherry was an added bonus!"


Michael's Facebook Page


A lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Michael Anderson has always been inspired by the city’s charm and beauty. His work focuses primarily on scenes highlighting the intersection of urban vibrancy and elements of the natural world. He challenges himself to capture landmarks of his surroundings and present them in a way different from what we normally perceive.

Michael was kind enough to let me share these incredible photos with you, and if you'd like to see more of his incredible work, or maybe you'd like to hang one of his pictures on your wall, you can do that by visiting his social media pages. I have all the links for you below.  Thank you Michael, for these unforgettable photos.

Facebook Page
Spoon and Cherry in the Snow
Spoon and Cherry alternate angle
Spoon and Cherry in the Snow wide


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