Since Sunday's news of two Burnsville police officers and one firefighter being killed, many people have been wondering and asking how they can support not only Burnsville's first responders but also first responders across Minnesota. There's one way you can support law enforcement, and display it all year long. Minnesota has a license plate and a portion of the fees goes to support law enforcement throughout the state.

Before you order Minnesota 'Blackout plates', consider this...

MN100 Club plates are available for purchase and are also black and white.

The funds raised by each sale goes to this organization, which helps fund families of injured and fallen first responders.

If you are interested in getting a plate to support law enforcement it's a different charge than what a traditional plate is, but a portion of your purchase goes to help families of injured and fallen first responders in Minnesota.

The MN 100 Club's website has really easy instructions for those interested in learning how to order the plate, and I've shared those below.

The group will help first responders families financially u to $50,000. The MN 100 Club's mission is:

"To provide financial support to First Responders and their families who are critically injured or killed in the line of duty. When a First Responder dies in the line of duty, their pay stops immediately. Surviving family members are left with burial expenses on top of everyday expenses like mortgages or rent payments, groceries, car payments, childcare, and other daily living expenses. It can take up to four months for surviving First Responders or their families to receive insurance payments, workers comp, or death benefits. Our goal is to stand in that gap."

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There is a $40 contribution to the MN 100 Club above your regular registration fee. The fee goes to support the First Responders and their families who need our help.

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As of the end of 2023, more than 3,000 vehicles had the MN 100 Club license plate in Minnesota.

Here are those license plate ordering instructions.

  1. Go to or Google “Renew MN driver’s license”
  2. On the Home page, click “Vehicle Services” and then “Renew Vehicle Tabs” (registration)
  3. You will complete the demographics page. You will need your VIN and insurance information to do this.
  4. There is a question: Do you want to change your plates? Be sure to click “yes”. You can also decide to personalize your plates here.
  5. Click on the box that says “Plate Tyle” and then “Other.”
  6. There is a drop-down menu that appears. “100 Club” is the first one on the list.

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