Every football fan has high hopes for the Super Bowl. Especially when it's a legendary number - 50. But, we all know Super Bowls actually aren't the best game of the season.

I say that Super Bowls aren't the most exciting games during the football season because in the past, usually it's a blowout. (Remember the LAST time the Denver Broncos were in the Super Bowl after the 2013 season? It was like they didn't even show up!) I especially like watching the semi-final playoff games. That's when real match-ups happen!

However, I did 100% believe the Carolina Panthers were going to take home the trophy. Maybe because I thought Jared Allen deserved a ring.. Or that the Panthers would want it more..

To me, it really came down to Cam Newton. When he backed away from his fumbled ball, I knew he just didn't even care anymore. Or if he even did in the first place? (Yeah, I know he stormed off during the post game interviews. But, I think we expect too much out of our football players when it comes to talking about defeat. Newton lost the most important game of his career. It would be hard for me to talk about a loss like that immediately after the game.) Cam also seemed hurt and/or extremely fatigued the entire game. Usually when you see him play, Newton's smiling all over the place. We did not see that last night at Super Bowl 50.

As for the commercials? Don't even get me started on puppy-monkey-baby. (HORRIFYING!)

And the half-time performance? Bruno stole the show - like always.

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