Ok Vikings fans, I get that you are frustrated with how this season has gone. And you have some good reasons, and there are some things that were just out of your control, like the Kirk Cousins injury. 

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Football is a violent sport and injuries happen, those you can’t control. And there’s some reassurance in that fact.  

The reasons Vikings fans are upset are much different than what me and other Carolina Panthers fans are going through. To say this season has been a debacle is an understatement.  

Photo Credit: Kim Thomas
Photo Credit: Kim Thomas

From drafting the first overall pick and having it turn out to be underwhelming at best. And of course to get that first pick, traded away the teams best receiver and this years first round pick, which because the team is so bad is now the #1 overall pick and that now belongs to the Chicago Bears.

Then a terrible start and seeing your first year Coach not even make it a full season before he was fired. Frank Reich was fired after 11 games, the second shortest stint in NFL History.  

I could go on about lackluster offense and injuries, but what I really want to say is the main reason our team is an embarrassment is the owner of the Carolina Panthers, David Tepper.  

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Tepper bought the Panthers in 2018, and added Charlottes Pro Soccer Team, Charlotte FC in 2019. He’s fired five Coaches in that time between both teams. That’s just a starting point, making questionable draft picks is another (rumor has it his influence on the draft has been an issue). 

Then his other business interests blowing back on the team, like when he was building a new facility in a nearby town in South Carolina, started the construction and then stopped the project. It led to both parties suing one another.  

But maybe the worst was when he claimed last year that brought LIVE music back to Charlotte. (I guess he forgot there are two other major venues for LIVE music there?) 

 Or maybe I should say that was the most embarrassing until this past Sunday. The Panthers were in Jacksonville getting their butts kicked by the Jaguars without Trevor Lawrence. David Tepper was in one of the luxury Suites. Apparently, some of the fans could look into, or at least scream into, the suite. It appears fans being fans were probably harassing him about how bad his team stinks.  

This video show David Tepper apparently throw a drink on fans out the window of that suite.  

The video was so bad, the NFL has just fined Tepper $300,000 for what they call “unacceptable behavior”. David Tepper is worth more than 20 BILLION DOLLARS! Will a $300k fine make an impact on him? 

I’m guessing not because when he issued a statement, David Tepper said he regretted his actions but never formally apologized. Then remarked that he should’ve let security handle the issue. When what he should’ve said was, he was wrong, and that he learned his lesson. But I’m guessing he didn’t, and probably won’t.

"I am deeply passionate about this team and regret my behavior on Sunday," Tepper's statement read. "I should have let NFL stadium security handle any issues that arose. I respect the NFL's code of conduct and accept the League's discipline for my behavior."

Keep in mind, fans have been banned from stadiums, including the Carolina Panthers, for throwing drinks on other fans.

So, Vikings fans, it could be worse. The road to success for The Panthers is probably a lot longer than it is for your team.  Outside of hoping for a chance at the playoffs, the biggest thing at U.S. Bank Stadium is figuring out who your Quarterback is going to be.


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