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Del Reeves became a country star who sprinkled his performances with lots of humor and scored a number one country hit in 1965 with the song “Girl on the Billboard.”  This song is an all-time truck driving song with these final lyrics.

"On route 66 from the billboard to Chicago you’ll find tiny pieces of my heart scattered every which way, scattered by the girl wearing nothing but a smile and a towel in the picture on the billboard in the field near the big old highway."

Reeves is also known for other hits the “Belles of Southern Bell” and his 1968 trucker’s anthem, “Looking at the World through a Windshield.”

Reeves was born in Sparta, North Carolina on July 14, 1932.  He was named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was nominated by the Democrats to be their Presidential nominee a few days before his birth.  Reeves joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1966.  His last Opry performance was in August 2002.

He died from emphysema New Year’s Day 2007 at age 74.




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