Loretta Lynn's youngest sister by 19 years bears no vocal and very little physical resemblance to Loretta, but Crystal Gayle was the CMA's Female Vocalists of the Year for 1977 and 1978.  She was encouraged in her career by her big sister Loretta Lynn.  She suggested the stage name "Crystal" after the Krystal Hamburger chain.

Crystal was born Brenda Gail Webb, the youngest of the Webb children, born January 9, 1951.  Gayle started her career touring with big sister Loretta, after high school graduation and signed with the same record label, Decca Records.  Crystal felt that she was being treated as a superstar's little sister and she eventually signed on with United Artists Records.

There she took a more pop-country approach.  In 1977 her single  "Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue" went to number one on the country chart and number two on the pop chart.  Her 1978 album "When I Dream" yielded the hit, "Talking in Your Sleep" and "Why Have You Left the One You Left Me For."  Her trademark ankle-length hair became nearly as famous as her hit music.

Always gracious and generous with her time and talents, Crystal has been awarded the coveted "Celebration of Light Award" in recognition of her humanitarian efforts, among them the "Make A Wish" foundation and the Arthritis foundation.  Gayle married her high school sweetheart, Bill Gatzimos, after graduating from high school.  They have two children, Catherine and Christopher, and one grandson, Elijah.   Gayle's family resides in Nashville, Tennessee where she had her own specialty store, Crystal's for Fine Gifts and Jewelery," the store closed in August 2008.  Crystal is still singing and touring.

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