What would you think, strange or cool if you were digging through your child's candy bucket after Halloween and you discovered something like this Minnesota parent did? Here they are sharing it on reddit

One person immediately responded with thinking it's great:

Something tells me, however, you would want to inspect it pretty closely before doing anything with it, right? Now don't get me wrong, I am not one to be very skeptical over anything and everything but I'd still want to learn for sure what is inside this little seed bag.

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The packaging looks great and professional, but you can see in the post that many people are questioning where the seeds actually were bought and no one is quite certain, though there were plenty of guesses, such as:

But then this good point was made:

Either way it's always better to be safe than sorry. But like Bipolarbaby95 wrote,

Those would make me smile during my winter blues, knowing I have these to look forward to planting once it eventually thaws.

Now I ask you again, is this strange or cool to hand out on Halloween? Do you find this more a trick or a treat for Halloween? Little me, would have been confused at first and thought it was a trick, but if my parents explained to me that we could plant it and something pretty would grow, I'd probably see the treat side of it and be all about it growing it right NOW!

Alas, wait for spring and if you would like Minnesota Native Seed Mix yourself, you can find a list of suppliers here!

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