It's the world snow sculpting championship going on in Stillwater this weekend.  People have been working tirelessly through this frigid weather (although perfect for snow sculpting) to get the most elaborate piece of artwork possible.

This is the beginning, actually, it's some of the middle and towards the end of the sculpting.  You can tell from these pictures that people are really putting a lot of work into their sculptures.  They are so creative and fun!  Can't wait to see what they look like when complete- and at night? Maybe with some cool lighting.

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Teams are from all over the world and a few are from here in the states.  Three teams are from Wisconsin, there's a team from Minnesota, two are from Canada. There's a team from Germany, Ecuador, Turkey and Argentina.  Most of the events going on this weekend are free, and will wrap up this Sunday, the 23rd at 5pm.

All activities and events in Lowell park are FREE TO THE PUBLIC (fees apply in the beer tent, concessions and snow store). There will be designated handicap parking nearby the event location.  The walking paths to view the sculptures from both sides, down Myrtle Street, will be maintained to ensure safe conditions. 

So... there's beer...

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend- head to Stillwater.  It looks like there is something for everyone.  Perfect winter family outing.

Check out some of the sculptures in progress:

World Snow Sculpting Championship- in progreess

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