I try to look for a purpose for bugs, rodents, people. What is our purpose? I think that my feeble human mind can't figure out the purpose because the aggravation of some creatures seems to be NOT worth having them around. You know the ones: Mosquitoes, spiders, and June bugs. Sticky, Icky, dive bombing, unable to use their wings properly June Bugs.  What in the world???


The June Bug...Geez...Turn off the porch light; unless you have a pet Lizard you're wanting to feed. Lizards, birds, skunks and other mammals LOVE eating these tasty little critters. Why Not? I'm sure it's crunchy on the outside, and juicy on the inside.


I thought for sure scientists would be able to tell us why June Bugs are so crazy about our porch lights? Maybe there's something to do with the moon that guides their path in the night? (Can they actually fly if it's dark? Hmmmm..) They sure can't get their act together when there's artificial light around.


Why can't they fly?  Scientists actually have no answer for this, other than that the June Bug, or June Beetle's mating season is in May and June, and maybe they're just in a hurry to get busy. They mate...then they die!

Did you know that June Bugs spend most of their lives underground? It's true! For most of their lives they are grub like Larvae, and they can live underground for up to 3 years. They love to eat the roots of your lawn. Bad for your lawn, but great for birds, skunks, crows, raccoons and more.

June Bugs- Survivors...but they've managed to exist even longer than Dinosaurs. The extra set of wings they received must have been a mistake, because they sure can't figure out how to use them.

Did June Bugs inspire Kling-ons? Once they dive bomb can't brush them off..They remind me of those sticky stick on Color Forms fabric shapes we played with when I was in grade school.