Who would've thought that traffic citations would be up during a Stay At Home Order?

The Minnesota State Patrol has given out over 3 times the amount of speeding tickets in 2020 that they did over the same time period in 2019.

These numbers come from a comparison of the dates of March 27th to April 13th. In 2019 they gave out 22 tickets for speeds of over 100 mph. In 2020 that number was 78.

While there might be fewer drivers on the roads with more people working from home, it isn't an excuse to drive whatever speed you wish. Speed limits are in place to keep everyone on the road safe, and they are the law.

Thinking more about it, the last place I would want to be during a global pandemic is a hospital because of a car accident. Drive safe, and stay healthy.

Thank you to our law enforcement officers for showing up to work every day and keeping everyone safe.

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