Lakes Jam is this week up in Brainerd! If you are anything like me, packing and prepping starts today. I have never been to Lakes Jam but I have been to Brainerd International Raceway my fair share of times (too many to count) and I have definitely been to country music festivals! Here is a packing list that will get you through the weekend!

Do Bring:

  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash - BIR has full service restrooms and showers on the premises. My pro-tip: Wake up early to beat the lines
  • Running belt or fanny pack - Kinda dorky but it keeps your phone and money safe when you're watching the shows.
  • Shoes you can walk and stand in for long periods of time - I always bring my (already broken-in) cowboy boots, and my Crocs. I know for a fact I can last all day in them.
  • First Aid Kit - You never know when someone will need Neosporin and a Band-Aid.
  • Phone Charger and External Battery - They sell slim external batteries in the dollar section of Target for $5. It will be worth it when you can snap a last minute selfie with your favorite artist that just so happens to be walking by!
  • Bug Spray and Sunscreen - No one wants to be eaten alive and burnt all weekend.
  • Fire Wood - Campfires are allowed at BIR, just make sure they are monitored and kept inside a 3-foot ring.
  • Roasting Forks - So you brought hot dogs and marshmallows but you have no way to get them over the fire..... Don't forget roasting forks.
  • Golf Cart or ATV - The best part about BIR is that you can bring your own golf cart or ATV, you just need to purchase a pass for it.
  • Water - Avoid dehydration and hangovers!

Don't Bring:

  • An outfit for Sunday - You're going to wake up, pack your stuff and get out of there. You can change and shower when you get home.
  • 8 Different tops and shorts - I always do this and regret it. You're at a festival, no one is going to care if you wear the same shirt twice. Pack light on the clothes, it's less laundry on Sunday.
  • Complex food for meals - Sandwiches are your friend. Any food that can't realistically be kept in a cooler has no business there.
  • Lots of Different Alcohol - I am guilty of this too. I will just clear the fridge right into my cooler. Honestly I would be better off sticking to one or two signature drinks.

Lakes Jam kicks off on Thursday at Brainerd International Raceway! We will see you up there!

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