WAITE PARK -- While it may not feel like it yet, there is a strong chance you'll hear your first concert inside the new Waite Park Amphitheater this time next year.

Public Works Director Bill Schlunez says things have picked up inside the amphitheater site.

Over the last month we've been continuing to work on site improvements, moving rock, digging footings and foundations. The main stage footing and foundation are completed and back-filled and right now they are working on putting the underground utilities in.


He says crews also have the footings in place for the box office and concession stands, which he anticipates should be built by next month.

The hardest part is getting the dirt work done and the footings in the ground. Once we do that these projects tend to move quick. We also went from a handful of people working on the site to about two dozen so it will pick up.

Schlunez says they are still working on landscaping to help incorporate the natural beauty of the quarry.

When completed the Waite Park amphitheater is expected to host about 15 to 20 national acts every year and will sit about 5,000 people.

The city council is currently seeking input in naming the new facility. Name's can be submitted to Shaunna Johnson through next Friday (August 9th).

From there the council will narrow the name suggestions and give the public an opportunity to rank the top names. The council will then select a name from the top three choices.

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