The Dari-Ette Drive-In in St. Paul is on the market.

The drive-in has been listed as one of the best in Minnesota numerous times and was featured on a 2007 episode of Food Network's Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.

Authentic Italian food at a drive-in restaurant is a rarity, but that's exactly what Angela Fida and her family have been doing at Dari-Ette Drive-In for more than 50 years. Angela cooks up fried sausage, meatballs and spaghetti with a sauce that's so secret she won't even tell Guy what's in it.

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Some of their signature dishes are fried sausage, Italiano, Mac Daddy Meatball sandwich, and homemade fried chicken.

The Dari-Ette Drive-In has been on the East side of St. Paul since 1951. It has been owned and operated by the Fida family since day one, with the current owner being Angela Fida, the granddaughter of founder Michael.

Since it is a drive-in, it closed for the winter season back in October 2019, and apparently it is shuttered up for good unless someone purchases the property. It's on the market for $384,900, and that price includes 24 parking spaces, and various pieces of furniture and kitchen equipment and appliances inside, and the iconic 50's style marquee sign.

Check out the listing here.

One thing is for sure, the neighborhood is going to miss this little drive-in if new owners aren't found before spring.

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